“The most influential speaker I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Jason, for making us grounded in what really matters.”

Helen Irving / President & CEO, LiveOnNY

“Jason, as you can imagine, you continue to be the topic of conversation today. I wanted to share one of the comments I received: ‘I wanted to personally thank you for bringing in Jason. No motivational speaker has ever touched my heart more than he did. He was a true inspiration.'”
Ron Flaherty

President, Univest Insurance

“I was truly impacted by Jason’s remarkable story of survival and perseverance. Many people face formidable hardships in their lives, but few possess the internal fortitude to transform that experience into something exceptionally inspirational. Through his outreach, Jason has motivated and improved the lives of so many people in difficult circumstances while at the same time achieving a personal fulfillment that he might have never otherwise imagined. I am honored to have met him.”
Dave Wajsgras

CFO, Raytheon Missile Systems

“I can’t begin to describe the impact that Jason had in inspiring those in attendance. The positive feedback I received was overwhelming. His presentation made our program a great success.”
Jeffrey S. Leon

Partner, Bennett Jones LLP

“I would highly recommend Jason Schechterle as a motivational speaker for your company or organization. He does an excellent job tailoring his message to your audience via personal accounts and multi-media imagery. As a former police officer and burn survivor, his story will both inspire and captivate attendees.”
Christopher Graham

Community Tissue Services

“I wanted to express how truly inspired I am by Jason’s story and his delivery of such personal life changing events! I cannot even count how many people have approached me stating how much they enjoyed listening to Jason, there were tears in the crowd, laughter, and very eager engaged audience members. WOW! The next time I begin to start a complaint, I pray that I stop and begin to make coffee instead.”
Katie Duitsman

Spectrum Health

“As an organization facing institutional change and disruption, Jason’s message of hope and perseverance was clear, transparent, and absolutely timely. Jason delivered one of the most moving and impactful presentations I have ever witnessed, his message was precisely what were looking for! I would recommend Jason Schechterle as a keynote speaker to any organization facing change in the near future. Jason held the attention of our entire team for almost an hour, before taking numerous questions from the attendees, the room went silent as each teammate listened intently to this message. Perhaps more important than being a well-rehearsed speaker, Jason he is a true gentleman and will be a friend of our team for years to come.”
Kevin Corwin

AVP Internal Sales, Pacific Life

“Jason’s personal story truly embodies turning challenge into great opportunity. His public speaking skills and his ability to connect with the audience are best in class. I continue to receive emails from employees who want to express their sincere gratitude for having had the opportunity to hear his story.”
Dr. Taylor Lawrence

President, Raytheon Missile Systems

“​Jason was the keynote presenter at the American Association of Tissue Banks’ Annual Meeting. From the moment he stepped on stage, he was engaging, engrossing, and very entertaining. He has a gift for public speaking and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any group who is looking for a keynote or motivational speaker. Not only was he extremely professional, but he was a pleasure to work with during the planning process.”
Jennifer S. Keller

VP, Professional Development, American Association of Tissue Banks

“It was an honor and a privilege to have you speak to our group. Your inspirational story was an incredible reminder of why we are committed to serving our community with compassion and with diligence. Your presence made a significant impact on the hearts of all our staff and we are so very thankful you joined us.”
Renee Little

VP, Professional Development, Mercy Care Plan Long Term Care

“Jason has an motivating message of Hope and Encouragement which is highly inspirational. He has turned his personal adversity into an opportunity to help other people in life who may be dealing with difficult circumstances.”
Jimmy Walker

Philanthropist & Founder, Celebrity Fight Night

“The most influential speaker I’ve ever heard. Thank you Jason, for making us grounded in what really matters.”
Helen Irving

President & CEO, LiveOnNY

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