The Inspiring True Story

Burning Shield

“This gripping biography of Jason Schechterle’s battle for life and justice celebrates the resilience of the human spirit while condemning corporate greed … it injects the intimacy of fiction into a true story of human endurance.”


ABOUT THE BOOK. When a taxi smashed into police officer Jason Schechterle’s patrol car, the fireball that consumed the vehicle should have killed him. But by a series of small miracles, Schechterle survived: Dying would have been easier. As he would learn only after his own horrific ordeal, law enforcement officers across the country were perishing in similar fires, trapped inside burning Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. Schechterle, who began a long, gruesome, and gut-wrenching battle back to health, would also take on Ford Motor Company to stop the heinous and ultimately preventable deaths. Interweaving narratives of human triumph and high-stakes legal showdown, this “inspiring true story” (Kirkus Reviews) reveals a rare human being with an undeniable will to live. “Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story” exemplifies the mystery and beauty of the human spirit, and the healing power of love.


“This gripping biography of Jason Schechterle’s battle for life and justice celebrates the resilience of the human spirit while condemning corporate greed… This enthralling biography injects the intimacy of fiction into a true story of human endurance. Readers are continuously reminded that Jason Schechterle is flesh, bones, and blood, not a fictional character, and they are invited to experience his terror, frustration, and ultimate triumph.”

Publishers Weekly

“Jason Schechterle’s story is full of ups, downs, and everywhere in between – horrifying one page and humorous the next. Reading about Jason’s grit, positive attitude, and evolving purpose is truly remarkable.”
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“I sat curled up in my chair until 3:00 a.m. this morning, not wanting to put the book down. I love the style of writing, and I could envision every setting with the creative, descriptive scenarios. The author paints quite the picture, and has such a gift of drawing the reader in, and captivating them. I laughed and I cried, and this book puts everything into perspective. It was the perfect storm, and it was not Jason’s time to go. His spirit is unfathomable and unbreakable. The author Landon J. Napoleon captures the hometown hero Phoenix Police Officer Jason Schechterle perfectly. A must read, inspirational biography.”

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“Sad, exciting, life-changing and emotional, Burning Shield: The Jason Schechterle Story is an amazing story of one man’s triumph over tragedy with the support of an entire community.”
Jack Ballentine

Former homicide detective and author of "Murder for Hire"

“Landon J. Napoleon displays a flair for detail in this fast-moving book… The third-person account is an inspiring read, even for those with a passing familiarity with the story from the news.”
The Arizona Republic

“Having lived in Phoenix my entire life I remember seeing Jason on the news after the accident, and the way he carried himself after such a devastating event was an absolute inspiration. After reading his story, I am left with an even deeper sense of admiration for his determination, courage, and humility.”
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“This man’s story is incredible. I spent the day reading this and could not put it down. He has gone through so much in his life and beat all the odds that were against him again and again. This is such a great read and will change your perspective on everything.”
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“A maimed cop fights to regain his life in this inspiring true story… [Landon J.] Napoleon, the author of several crime novels, is skilled at painting a scene in slangy strokes while balancing plotlines… this true story reads like a novel.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Inspiration is most moving when it has the real world wrapped around it. No “feel good, pump you up” coaching babble here. This is a heart-rending story of real friends and family who love and help each other through a nightmare and come through with a story for all of us. Jason is still serving his community…all of us…through his willingness to share. Plenty of cop humor, too.”
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“I have known about this story having moved to AZ just a few years before it happened. But to read abut Jason’s dream to be a police officer, his dedication and his courage, made me not want to set this book down. It’s an absolute story about miracles and an inspiring tale of selflessness. But for those that don’t know the history of the Crown Victoria, it’s also a very interesting and scary tale.”
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